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The book mark that
holds your book open.
Fits BETWEEN the Pages of your Book

Music Holder

People also call the Easy Book Clip such names as: book open, hands free holder, page helper, book clamp, page holder or book holder.

Essential Book Holder
Easy Book Clip is light weight and portable.
Works for hardbacks, paperbacks, piano and sheet music, cookbooks,
magazines and more.

Avid readers enjoy its simplicity, hands free reading and ease of use.
Also known as ez clip.
The perfect travel accessory!
Book Holder

Quality and Durability

Made of durable high-quality spring steel wire.

A modern book holder
for all of your books

Easy Book Clip is a powerful book stand.
Don't be fooled by its small size and low price.

High Value
Where else can you find such a great value - a bookholder, bookstand and bookmark?
Take it with you wherever you go, for relaxed reading and comfortable studying.

Little Things - Holiday Gifts
It's true that little things mean a lot! Easy Book Clip makes a delightful stocking stuffer for the readers in your life. Keep a few on hand for last-minute gifts.
Travel Book Holder
Lightweight and small - take this gadget anywhere.

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Easy Book Clip
The Essential Book Holder

Exercise Book Holder - Treadmill and More

Clipped book on treadmill - Sonya

Clipped book sits on Elliptical Trainer Shelf
Holds your book open
while you exercise

<- Treadmill

Elliptical Trainer - >

Clipped Book on Elliptical Trainer - Sarah

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Unique design for hands-free reading

  • Lay clipped book on equipment shelf or bar.
  • Easy to turn pages.
  • Strong wire clip keeps the pages of your book open while you exercise.
  • Makes it more comfortable to read while exercising, using treadmill, stationery bicycle, and when traveling or reclining - use anywhere.
  • Works with paperback and hardbound books - large and small.


Use on treadmill and elliptical trainer

  • This is my second order for Easy Book Clips! I couldn't survive at the gym without them and have been giving them to other exercisers frustrated with using potato chip or hair clips with their books. This is a wonderful product and you can quote me on that! - Jennifer Stanley, Richmond, VA
  • I love the book clips. I use them when I'm on the treadmill and it's the only book clip that has worked well for me. - Amy Matz, Beaverton, OR
  • I use it to hold my book open while on my elliptical trainer. It works great! - Anne Marie, Ringwood, NJ
  • More exercise machine testimonials.

Works perfectly

  • I got the E Z Clip the other day, and it works perfectly with my paperback books. - Phyllis Gruszka, Crown Point, IN
  • I have truly enjoyed my bookholder. It is small, lightweight and easy to use. - Shirley Roark, Sarasota, FL
  • I was pleased by how quickly they came and even happier with the clips themselves. When I first opened the package, I was skeptical that something so streamlined would work, but they really perform as advertised! Even on thick paperbacks. - Nancy Nishikawa, Honolulu, HI


Easy Book Clip

red book clip - available in various colors

Order other products or purchase 4 pack

All book clips work with exercise equipement - so long as there is a shelf for books as in pictures above.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry in pocket or clipped as a bookmark.
  • Made of steel - for strength and durability you can count on.
  • Measures approximately 3" wide by 3" tall.
  • Weighs less than an ounce.
  • Available in assorted colors, metallic and medallion designs.

More benefits and uses

  • Follow this link for pictures of how to turn pages and how a clipped book stands on its own.
  • Less expensive than traditional book holders - check out the price.
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EZ Book Clip - the essential book holder.
Works as a page holder, book stand and book mark.

Pretzel Fingers

Pretzel Fingers are the result of Muggle people straining their fingers by holding books with one hand. The fingers become contorted into pretzel-like shapes and are sometimes painful. Over time they become, ah, well, um...not a pretty sight. Wizards and Hogwarts students don't have this problem, as they can use the book-hold spell.

We are not advocating the use of magic by Hogwarts Students during summer vacation. An EZ Book Clip would serve them well during times when they are forbidden the use of even easy spells. We would not want to come afoul of the Hogwarts authorities.

Some helpful ergonomic sites

Quotes from Dr. Scott Fuller's site:

"When you are reading, especially lighter materials such as paperwork, newspapers, and light books, lift them up so you are looking straight rather than looking directly down on to a flat surface. These posture techniques, although simple, are very effective and can add years to your life and reduce needless suffering.

"Many experts recommend use of a document holder or other device that will put the reading material at eye level or slightly lower to avoid bending forward or stooping to read from a lower surface." Top

EZ NOTE: Clipped books can be placed in document holders for reference while performing computer tasks. Or they can be stood up on their own near the computer for easy reference. Top

Here's another article that recommends a document holder and reading at or slightly below eye level:

Excerpt from "Recommended Working Posture"

Position your monitor directly in front of you, approximately an arm's length away, with the top of the screen slightly below eye level. Tip the monitor back at an angle similar to that used when reading a book. Use a document holder to position work at eye level."

Yoga stretches at the desk:



You may enjoy reading this delightful article about finding a comfortable arrangement for a 10-year old to read. You won't find a reference about EZ Book Clip. This article was written before EZ Book Clip was manufactured.

The Uncomfortable Reader - How do you arrange your body so you can lose yourself in a book?

Back to Ergonomics